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OctoForks™ Weber Fit Stainless Grill Rotisserie Kit With Heavy Duty Electric Motor (Fits: Genesis 310/330 Spirit 310 & Older Models)

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OctoForks™ Kit Description


The OctoForks™ Weber Fit Stainless Steel Rotisserie Kit is designed for the Weber enthusiast who wants a better choice for rotisserie cooking. Featuring a 50 lb. Heavy Duty Electric Motor, an anti-backlash gear train for smooth operation of unbalanced loads, and consistent operation through a unique internal gear reduction. The dual fitment 3/8″ square spit rod, Heavy Duty 304 stainless steel adjustable OctoForks™ , multi-generational bracket, and counter balance system are all now constructed of 304 stainless steel for a long, rust proof life under daily use conditions. This kit will fit all Genesis Series Grills and Spirit Series Grills (with the exception of the Spirit 210), and many older models as well. Dual machined rod allows fitment to grills with the following sets of widths when measured across bottom grill box: 25.25″- 23.25″ and 27.5″- 26.5″. Please see fitment guide  for additional details. Works with all Weber Grills requiring Weber Kit 7519. This kit is backed by our 1 year “No Hassle Warranty”.

THIS COMPLETE SET INCLUDES:(1)  50 lb. One Grill™ Heavy Duty Electric Motor, (1) 3/8″ Square Cut Multi-Fit Stainless Spit Rod, (1) pair of heavy duty adjustable OctoForks™, (1) Stainless Weber Fit Bracket, (1) Premium Contoured Handle, (1) 8 oz. Stainless Counter Balance Weight, (1) Stainless Locking Washer, (1) Stainless Spit Rod Stop Bushing.

Will This Rotisserie System Fit My Weber Grill?
This rotisserie system has been designed to fit the most popular Weber Grills available on the market today and in years past. This kit will fit all current and previous Weber Genesis Series Grills as well as the Spirit 300 series grills. This includes both “E”, “S”, and “EP” series (i.e. E310, E330, S310, S330, EP310, EP330) Additionally, this kit will fit many previous generations of Weber Grills. Due to the continuity of size for Weber brand grills many new Weber grills and older models such as select grills from the Silver B and C series will fit in the same manner. This kit replaces the popular Weber 7519 and many others due to a unique mounting bracket and spit rod design.

–To confirm fitment to your grill you will need to make 2 observations: The Width of the Grill Box & The Bracket Mounting Hole Pattern.

1) Observe the width of the lower grill box from the small “U” shaped cutout on each slightly elevated side panel (this will be where the spit rod rests during usage). Measure across the grill from one “U” cutout to the other. If the measurement falls between 25.25″- 23.25″ or 27.5″- 26.5″ continue to variable 2 below; if your grill is narrower or wider please see alternate OneGrill Weber Fit Rotisserie Systems.

2) Observe the mounting hole pattern on your grill. The mounting holes will be located on either the right side of the lower grill box or the left side but not both; the side orientation will play no role in fitment and is purely based on other features of the grill (i.e. generally the mounting holes are on the left side, but if a side burner is present on that side it may be on the right side of the grill box). You will note 2 holes. If the holes are located just below the horizon of the “U” cutout the bracket included with this kit will fit. If the holes are several inches below the horizon of the “U” cutout please see alternate OneGrill Weber Fit Rotisserie Systems

  • Featuring the top rated 50 lb. heavy duty electric motor.
  • Includes entirely rust proof 304 stainless steel constructed 3/8″ square Weber fit rotisserie spit rod, 4 prong rotisserie forks (pair), counterbalance system, tool-less stop safety bushing, motor mounting bracket, and mounting hardware.
  • One pair of U.S patent pending fully adjustable, 304 SS heavy duty OctoForks™
  • *Fits Weber Spirit E/S 310 & Genesis E/S 310 E/S 330 and Many Earlier Generation Weber Grills.
  • Can Easily be Removed from Grill Without Burning Yourself.
  • 1 year  “No Hassle” Warranty

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 28 x 4.5 x 5 in


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