OctoForks™ Universal Grill Rotisserie Kit 28″ X 5/16 w/ Black Cordless Motor
January 10, 2017
OctoForks™ Universal Grill Rotisserie Kit 32″ X 5/16 w/ black or chrome cordless motor
January 11, 2017
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OctoForks™ Universal Grill Rotisserie Kit 24″ X 5/16 W/ Choice Of Black OR Chrome Cordless Motor



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OctoForks™ Kit Description

This universal grill rotisserie kit Features our fully adjustable OctoForks™ rotisserie claws.  With our top rated cordless rotisserie motor which comes with choice of  (black or chrome) this kit is capable of turning loads up to 25 pounds for up to 36 hours per set of D-Cell batteries*. With double chrome plated components including: a 24″ X 5/16″ rotisserie spit rod, universal rotisserie mounting brackets, a set (2) Stainless Steel OctoForks™ rotisserie claws, a fully adjustable counterbalance system, an adjustable ride bushing, and premium insulated handle. Please note that the total length of the included spit rod is 24″ long and is generally ideal for applications up to 18″.


  • Includes one pair heavy gauge 304 stainless steel fully adjustable OctoForks™
  • Increased rotisserie capacity, rotisserie more types of food, Faster cooking times and better balancing.
  • Includes our top rated metal encased black cordless rotisserie motor ideal for areas near salt water
  • Includes 24″ X 5/16″ square rotisserie spit rod with standard 5/16″ drive end
  • Includes universal mounting bracket set
  • Includes fully adjustable counterbalance system
  • Includes adjustment bushing for added adjustability
  • Includes high quality molded plastic handle
  • All metal components are double chrome plated in food safe chrome
  • *Weight capacity and duration is an estimation based on a perfectly balanced load
  • 1 year OctoForks™ “No Fuss” Warranty
Weight 4 lbs


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