Advantages of the OctoForks™ System


U.S Patent pending

OctoForks™ are designed to work with virtually all gas grill, charcoal rotisseries and open fire rotisseries. They will fit square and hexagon spit rods from 5/16 up to ½”. No need to have multiple products for multiple size grill rotisserie rods.

  • Largely increased capacity up to more than quadruple of your favorite rotisserie foods.
  • Rotisserie more types of foods in various configurations.
  • More even heat distribution
  • Even more versatility whether using additional and adjustable spit rods, adjustable size of the Claws or basket system(coming soon)
  • Components work in different configurations for increased versatility
  • Vertical rotisserie of meats allows for increased cooking temperatures with less chance of burning.
  • Better tasting and juicier foods with self-basting action.
  • No need to flip foods
  • Decreased cooking times
  • No more trussing chickens and turkeys!
  • Can be expanded or downsized to fit different sized grills or smokers
  • No netting required for things such as roasts.
  • Everything comes apart for easier cleaning.
  • All components made of heavy duty Stainless Steel & made in America. No rusting or peeling chrome.