About the Company

Here at OctoForks™ our goal is to provide First Class customer service, listen to the input from our customers and develop innovative quality products to meet their needs.

OctoForks™  founder is Keith Brown.  Keith loves all things related to outdoor cooking and in his quest to improve his craft of BBQ fell in love with rotisserie cooking. Several years ago while just getting introduced to this type of cooking he started looking to improve upon it. The question kept coming up “How can I fit more ribs, more chicken etc… on the rotisserie? After all there is only so much space on the spit rod!   The last 3 years he spent developing the OctoForks™ With years of trial and error, research and development he developed the OctoForks™ Rotisserie system. Now foods that some of us either wouldn’t or couldn’t rotisserie before now you can. You can do it better and you can rotisserie much more of it and in many more ways.

The functionality of our patented system is only limited to your creativity! OctoForks™ are the world’s first adjustable rotisserie claws/rotisserie system, traditional rotisserie forks are now virtually obsolete. OctoForks™ can be used individually (1/2 pair) for some meats and vegetables and can also be used in full pairs for others.These products will last a lifetime and are made out of heavy duty 304 stainless steel. All products are made in America  by a U.S Veteran owned company. Keith also has developed a full range of U.S. patent pending accessories for the OctoForks™ such as plug and play skewers, custom spit rods and dual rotisserie baskets. These coming attractions are now in testing so stay tuned!